“Tony Played Guitar”

Here’s the story that won me the Write Club Denver’s Loving Cup of Deathless Glory on June 7!  The prompt was ‘rock’… Tony played guitar.  New Jersey has the highest Tony density of any state in the Union, but this was what set him apart.  An example dialogue: “I ran into Tony at the diner […]

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An Open Letter to Cory Gardner

Senator Gardner, I am a constituent of yours.  Over the past year, I’ve written you other letters, called your office, commented on your social media sites, signed petitions, joined protest marches.  I even stopped into your DC offices once.  We’ve never met. I did all these things, like many other Coloradoans have, to try and […]

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#MeToo and Me

How many dozens of ‘#MeToo’s did I see in my social media feeds this past week?  More than I could count, more than I can remember.  That was what really hit home:  more of my female friends than I could even remember have been assaulted, raped, harassed, or otherwise violated by men.  It’s heartbreaking.  It […]

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