It’s the People’s Climate March Day, and here in Denver, it’s also the most snow I’ve seen in weeks.  So I am being a wimp and staying home.  Instead of marching, I’ve decided to write to my elected representatives about issues related to climate and environment, which apparently does help, and also to post them here.  To make myself feel better, to maybe inspire others, and to do something with my snow day.

I’ve already written to one of Colorado’s US Senators, Cory Gardner.  Next up, Democratic Senator Michael Bennet:

Senator Bennet,

Thank you for taking a strong stance against President Trump’s efforts to review and rescind protections of our national monuments. It’s important for our the continued health of our environment, our economy, and our souls to have protected wilderness and natural areas in our state and our country.

I also want to encourage you to do more. Your support for fossil-fuel development in Colorado is troubling. We cannot have a healthy environment in our state, nor can we hope to mitigate climate change, if we continue to extract fossil fuels – even if that extraction is limited to certain places. The environment doesn’t work like that. Our ecosystems are intimately connected, and each one is a piece of the whole ecosystem of the earth. Protecting the Canyons of the Ancients in Southwest Colorado will ultimately be futile if we continue to extract natural gas in Northeast Colorado, or coal in the Western Slope. The economic advantages of these extractivist practices only serve the short-term interests of a select few. In the long run, we can have no economy whatsoever without a healthy environment.

One concrete step forward you can take on this is to sign on to Senator Merkley’s “100 by ’50 Act,” which not only envisions but plans for a completely renewable energy economy within our lifetimes. Your support for this bill will be seen not only as a significant endorsement on the national level, but also as a signal to policymakers in our state that you believe it’s in the best interests of Colorado as well.

I sincerely hope you believe that a renewable and sustainable economy, not an extractivist one, is in the best interests of our state, our nation, and our world. Please continue to not only fight against the worst of President Trump’s potential ecological damage, but also for a bold way forward in creating a healthier world for us all.