It’s the People’s Climate March Day, and here in Denver, it’s also the most snow I’ve seen in weeks.  So I am being a wimp and staying home.  Instead of marching, I’ve decided to write to my elected representatives about issues related to climate and environment, which apparently does help, and also to post them here.  To make myself feel better, to maybe inspire others, and to do something with my snow day.

I’ve already written to both of my US Senators, Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet.  Next up: my US Representative, Diana DeGette:

Representative DeGette,

Thank you for standing up to President Trump’s recent executive order on reviewing and rescinding public lands designations. As a Coloradoan who frequently visits our national parks, forests, and monuments, I believe it’s vital for the health of our environment to continue to protect these areas.

However, I think that you are not doing enough to fight against the continued degradation of our state’s ecosystems, or against the increasing threat of climate change. For example, your Colorado Wilderness Act proposes keeping the majority of federal lands open to extractivist activities like fracking and mining. And your support for “Responsible Natural Gas Development” is a contradiction in terms: it’s becoming increasingly clear that there is no such thing as responsible fossil fuel extraction. Our climate is changing too rapidly. And what we do in one part of our environment affects every other part. Our ecosystems are intimately connected, and having protections for certain public lands will prove futile if we continue to allow extraction and degradation on others.

I am asking you to do more. Support legislation such as Senator Merkley’s “100 by ’50 Act,” which proposes a path toward completely renewable energy in our lifetimes. Stand up to the gutting of the EPA by the Trump administration. And say no to the extractivist agenda of fossil fuel companies, which only serve the short-term interests of a select few. We can have no economy of any kind without a healthy ecosystem as its foundation. The planet won’t let us.