Before I left Colorado, I attended a book-binding workshop, where I learned a couple of stitch-binding techniques.  It was a lot of fun.  I’ve also been collecting vintage postcards for a while now.  Well, one hobby has met another, and I present you with Vintage Postcard Journals!


These are pocket-journal sized, roughly the same dimensions as a wallet that’s not jammed full of old receipts and fake phone numbers.  24 pages of recycled paper, bound with hemp or waxed thread into a real vintage postcard.  I’m planning to start an Etsy store for these bad babies once I get settled in somewhere, but friends and readers get first dibs while I’m on my travels.

So if you want one of these – and/or if you want an excuse to give me money for my writing and travel efforts – you can name your price for the month of February!  The ones pictured above are all gone already, but they give you a general idea: travel-related, mostly from Florida from the 60s through the 80s (you can request another state/area of the US, but no promises).  They’re way cool, and way unique.

Here’s how to get one: just send me whatever you think one of these is worth to you via Paypal by clicking here.  Keep in mind when you do that it’ll cost me about $3 to ship it to you in the US, and a lot more outside the Colonies.  In the “note” section of the Paypal payment, make sure you write your full name and mailing address, and also let me know if you have a preference for a particular state (Florida’s gonna be the default, although nothing’s guaranteed at this point) and if you want one or two.  Then in two weeks or so you’ll be jotting down notes on your own personal piece of Americana.  Supplies are limited at this point, so I’m limiting it to two per person.

Great.  Thanks for supporting!