Being still, sitting in place, letting things happen.  Not being distracted. Sitting with it, whatever it is. Not moving too quickly. Taking time. Being bored. Spending the effort on finding the deeper meaning. Looking for connections within. Pausing on the trail for as long as it takes to see the patterns in the leaves, in the light, in the decay on the ground. Looking in the mirror until I like what I see. Lounging in the tent and listening to the birdsong. Going past the superficial small talk when intuition says to, or keeping distance when it doesn’t. Listening to intuition. Turning off all electronic devices. Paying attention to breath.  Paying attention to my inner voice. Paying attention to the divine. Paying attention to the mortal. Paying attention to each other. Paying attention. Cooking from scratch. Crafting. Saying no to things. Reading a long novel. Looking at the stars. Writing in a journal. Laughing without pretense. Not thinking too long or too hard. Thinking longer and harder.