…from Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon

About seven months ago, I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado from the Philly area for a new perspective on my life.  I was exhausted from three years of organic farm work and turning 33 (my Jesus Year), so it seemed like a good time to switch things up and make room for personal growth.  In some ways, I think that I’ve learned a lot and gotten my shit more together, and in other ways I think that I haven’t.  But the process has been quite a ride so far, and I’ve realized that writing has become a key part of that process.

Turns out, this is how I operate too – and it’s how I want to keep operating.  I’ve learned a lot about myself through what I’ve put down on the page thus far; I’ve found my life is more meaningful when I process it through writing.  Thus far it’s mostly been a private process.  But I’ve also found that my life is more meaningful when I’m sharing what I learn with others.

I recently found Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work! in a little independent bookstore here in Fort Collins.  It’s a compact, fun little illustrated book which challenged me in some deep ways.  Most relevantly, it challenged me to put my process out into the world, in order to connect with other people who are interested and interesting, and also to make the process more meaningful for myself.  So this website (as well as some other social-media outlets) is going to be my way of doing that, of offering a glimpse into my processes of personal growth, of world-exploration, of becoming a writer.  You might see snippets of things I’m working on, quotes and snippets of work I find interesting or provoking, questions I’m asking myself, or who knows what else. Which is kind of the point.

I’ve never done this before, and I don’t even know exactly what “this” is, or will be, other than the beginnings of an exploration of myself and my world through writing.  I have some projects and ideas I want to work on (most visibly a study of permaculture), but I don’t know how long this will last (hopefully a long time) or where it will go (hopefully some interesting places).  But the journey’s the point, right?  And the process can be the product.  At the very least, journeys and processes are how we grow.

So hey, come along if you want.  And if you’re doing something similar, let me know, and maybe we can learn from each other too.